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Hive Participation Forms

At Anie's Hive it takes a village! Anie's Hive strives to create a space where children are free to grow and learn through natural curiosity in a respectful, loving environment and parents feel connected, equipped, and empowered wherever they are on their parenting journey. The rest is up to YOU. Members help create the village they want to be a part of. As a member you can voluntarily participate in the various offerings of classes, workshops, programs, activities and community events that are right for you.

To join the Hive:

1. Review our member requirements and policies

2. Complete the enrollment forms that fit your participation level

3. Register for the programs and events of your choice

It's that easy! We hope you will join us!

Scroll here for help deciding which form is right for you.

Complete this form for each child in drop-off Hive care. Please complete this form electronically or in hard-copy available for submission at first drop off. Drop-off care will not be provided without completed documents.

Complete this form for each family participating together in Hive membership, programs, or activities. Hard copies are available at first visit if preferred. 

Visitor Release Form

This form is for any individual or family visiting the Hive.

We hope you love us so much that you'll become a member too, But for now, this general release form is for you! This form is not available in electronic copy. Hard copy may be signed at your first Hive visit.

Which form is right for you?


Visitor Release Form

Just visiting? Just come! We are happy that you are checking out the Hive. You are welcome to attend any of our Free For All Open House events, attend friends of the Hive classes or programs, and attend certain events as a member's guest. We don't want to bore you with the fine print of membership, but we still need your signature before you buzz around the Hive premises. Please complete the Visitor Release Form during your first Hive visit. Already a member? No need to complete this form as it was covered in your membership form.

Hive Membership Form

If you are participating in ANY hive paid program (Mindful Mondays, Bee Free Kids, Bee Free Toddler-5, Busy Bees, Parenting Workshops, services, or Hive member paid events, etc) please complete the Hive Membership Form. Congratulations, you are a Hive member and are welcome at all community events!

The Hive offers free community events for Hive members. If you would like to be a part of the village to attend our community events but do not intend to participate in paid classes or services, please complete the Hive Membership Form and submit with $10 annual dues. Congratulations, you are a Hive member and are welcome at all community events! If you opt to join us for paid classes, programs, services, etc. in the future, speak with Stephanie Buzzell so that your first paid class can be discounted $10.

Hive Care Enrollment Form

If your child is participating in a drop-off class or program such as Bee Free Kids, Busy Bees, etc. please complete the Hive Care Enrollment Form. If you will be remaining on premises with your child while utilizing these services, you do not need to fill out any additional forms as you have already completed the Family Membership Form. This is for drop-off care only.

Which Form?
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