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The Hive Village: Mindfully raising independent, compassionate kids together

And The Hive Village is here to help!
We offer parenting support methods, approaches, tools and perspective shifts to help you maintain, establish, or restore a healthy family dynamic. 

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Ringing Phone

Individualized support for your journey. Specific goal-oriented or ongoing parenting support options available.

Customized payment options and financial aid available.

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In-person and virtual options

~ Single Book End discussion

~ And/or Dig deeper the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays; 7-8pm

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~Red Light! Respectful Parenting Workshops

~A Dad's perspective on peaceful parenting

~Couples Connect Retreats

~Mindful Mamas Retreats

~And MORE!

Extended Family

Support for couples, co-parents or co-caregivers to find common ground and parent with continuity.

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Observations, consultations, support circles, personalized workshops and more!

If we want to raise the next generation to be compassionate, free-thinkers, we need to set the example in the way we mindfully choose to parent. And that takes a village! In the Hive Village, we partner with you on your parenting journey, sharing in the joys and challenges of respectful parenting.

What is Respectful Parenting?

Respectful parenting honors children for the sovereign beings they are. It is choosing to mindfully guide children through gentle, non-violent methods while also establishing healthy relationships and effectively implementing reasonable, age-appropriate limits/expectations.

Hive Homesteading ($50)
Hive Homesteading ($50)
May 22, 2024, 10:00 AM

~A Word from Anie~
I enjoy partnering with each village member on their parenting journey. Though I have many years of experience and professional development, I don't have a magic wand (though I wish I did!!) Every situation is different, every child is unique, and every family has different needs/goals. There is no one size fits all approach and what works today may not work tomorrow. However, there are many parenting tools that can be beneficial and approaches that are generally effective. The more tools you have, the better equipped you are to meet the challenges of raising the next generation. The Hive Village is here to help you build your parenting toolbox and find what works best for your unique family!

It takes a village to raise the next generation and Anie's Hive is honored to be a part of yours!

Join Anie’s Hive Village today!

All families are welcome wherever you are starting from, however, the Hive Village is grounded in respect-based parenting. All ideas, tools and insight shared reflect love, respect and non-violent communication as the path to peace and independence.

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