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Thank you for contributing to
your Hive village!

We appreciate all the ways you contribute to creating the Hive village. We love hosting community events and are always interested in hearing your event ideas or hosting a gathering (or even a birthday) for you and your friends. Submit your ideas below!

Thanks for submitting!

We are happy to purchase necessary supplies for the Hive but also love being a bit more sustainable and appreciate receiving if your house finds yourself with abundance. Check out the list below for current Hive needs. Thank you for contributing to this space!


Hive Donation Suggestions

Your Favorite Games

Share your favorite game so others may enjoy it too! Donation may be new or used. If making a used donation please ensure all necessary pieces are included.

Construction or computer paper

New or open packages welcome. We even accept "recycled" paper for doodling. Is the back side still blank? We'll take it! Clear out newsletters, office memos, etc. Please ensure there is no confidential information when sharing recycled paper.

Craft Supplies

Any miscellaneous craft supplies are always appreciated. Yarn, Perler beads, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, stickers, foam cut-outs, empty toilet/paper towel rolls, sequins, etc. Please note to keep the queen bee (and little eyes) happy, we are a glitter free hive. Glitter glue donations will be accepted. 


Please cap the markers! Please cap the markers! Please cap the markers! But kids will be kids and markers dry out (and even get used up!) 

Toilet Paper

The toilet paper apocalypse might be over...but toilet paper still runs low around here.


Little sniffles are better off in tissues than on sleeves. We always appreciate an extra box!

Paint and Glue

New or partially used, Washable or Acrylic. Liquid or sticks. Brushes too. Getting creative means supplies go fast!

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