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Meet the Hive


Stephanie Buzzell

My name is Stephanie Buzzell, but children often call me Anie (steph-Anie). With years of childcare experience and lots of child development and psychology training behind me, I entered motherhood confidently...and it still rocked me in ways I was not fully prepared for (maybe I had failed to consider the pure EXHAUSTION of doing it 24/7 and the endless worry of truly being responsible for a tiny human beings upbringing.) Parenting my spirited, energetic, sensory seeking son is simultaneously my BEST and most challenging life endeavor yet!

Choosing to respectfully parent can be a roller coaster of daily challenges and intense joy. We aren't meant to do it alone! Yet, when my son was born, building a village of like-minded families was hard and at times parenting felt lonely. Never mind the incredibly short list of people I could trust to leave my son with. As I slowly built my real-life village and continued my work as an early childhood educator, it became evident that family parenting support and peaceful parenting-friendly childcare is lacking. It became my dream to create a village. Ideally it would be a trusted space for parents to leave their children in loving, gentle hands. But I wanted more. I also wanted it to be a space where I could partner with families to provide support and education during the challenging phases of respectful parenting. 

Anie's Hive opened in 2015 as a Massachusetts EEC licensed family childcare. For nearly 5 years we grew a thriving community of children and parents. The journey was fulfilling in so many ways. Then 2020 required everyone to shift in ways beyond previously imaginable. The severe restrictions required to continue under MA emergency regulations conflicted with the very essence of the village we had grown. After little debate, we opted to stay true to our beliefs, close our doors in MA and in 2021 FINALLY made our long desired move to NH. We are pleased to offer NH families the same quality of care and look forward to once again growing a vibrant community of children and parents.

It is my hope that you make this village home in whatever way that means to you.

So come explore and discover in the Hive, as we live free and thrive! 

Welcome to the village

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