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Self-Care (It's not what you think!)

Today is Stress Awareness Day. Take 5 today to breathe in awareness.

A little frazzled? No judgement. Just take notice of the moment. Breathe out slowly. Notice. Can you breathe out a little tension? Can you let go of your mental load just a little? Take another breath. Can you take a deeper breath than the last? Can you breathe in a little peace? Just notice.

Taking even just a minute to breathe mindfully can shift your presence and mental state. Can you take small moments throughout the day to breathe in awareness and just take notice? Can you make breathing in awareness a daily practice? Just notice.

What you just did? THAT is self-care!

Self-care can be spas, massages, retreats alone, time with friends, and more.

But usually it is NOT those things. Especially during phases you have young children in your life.

So instead of lamenting that you can't get to the spa, start working self-care into your daily routines.

  • Practice breathing exercises daily. Take 5 focused breaths. Exhale more air each time and your next breath will automatically be deeper.

  • Get outside and soak up the sun. Even during cold weather, sun rays are healing and fresh air is good for the soul.

  • Turn UP quiet. Turn down noise. Take regular breaks from technology to calm the central nervous system.

  • Wear earplugs to take the edge off

  • Minimize alcohol and sugar consumption

  • Move your body! (Play movement games with your kids. Do yoga together. Dance!)

  • Go to bed early at least once a week (Kids won't sleep in but you can add resting hours by going to bed when your kids do!)

  • Find a kid's novel you like and read it to your kids

And during times of heighted stress or family trauma:

  • Take care of your family by still taking care of yourself

  • Set alarms to remember to eat and hydrate

  • Have realistic expectations

  • Try not to compare yourself to other families

  • Know your triggers and avoid them if possible

  • Clear your calendar as much as possible.

  • Focus on connection.

  • Minimize multi-tasking

  • Ask for help!

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